VTM unplugged
Acoustic sets from Honey Arcade, Lost in Winter & more

£5 o.t.d.
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VTM Unplugged is the acoustic night all the rock n rollers of Leeds have been waiting for. Taking inspiration from the famous MTV acoustic set that Nirvana did in 1992, VTM Unplugged nights won’t be your common sit down on blankets folk night. We have the best loudest rock bands from the area doing something a little different and reimagining their set in the same semi-acoustic sound and style. The venue in choice is the famously rock-vibed bar ‘Oporto’ on Call Lane, the centre of the Leeds music bar scene. There will be three bands of different styles and make up, and it will be a fantastic way for them bands to attract a new audience, We guarantee the enjoyment of any rock n roll fan. VTM UNPLUGGED. No sitting in circles around a campfire please…