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Tom Hickox is the son of Richard Hickox CBE, one of Britain’s most renowned conductors and Grammy Award winner with over 280 recordings to his credit. In addition, his mother was an orchestral timpanist.

Comparisons of Hickox’s music have been made to such masters as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Scott Walker and even Randy Newman. One would be tempted to add Richard Hawley and John Grant to that fine list.

The Sunday Times described Tom arriving on the music scene “as if from a different planet, and certainly from a different age.” Fuse magazine swooned over his “outrageously daring lyrics” and the “deathly beauty” of his arrangements.

‘War, Peace and Diplomacy’ his debut album seems to have arrived from nowhere fully formed. Hickox is assuredly not from a different planet but his music is not simply out of step with the times, it is timeless. Whilst the Daily Telegraph hailed him as ‘a true original’, the artist himself would prefer a more humble description; songwriter learning all the time. His first submission, ‘War, Peace and Diplomacy’ is starting that process from a very high mark.