The Mary Whitehouse Memorial Lock-In
Poetry, stand-up, jazz, ukulele and much more.
8pm - 11pm

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Fornication, adultery, swearing, blasphemy, promiscuity and all-out filth! We pull out all the stops (and put them in again, and out again, and in again, etc) to celebrate the life and work of Constance Mary Whitehouse, campaigner against all things naughty, liberal or just plain fun, scourge of the BBC, Gay News and Badger Fancying Monthy. Expect jazz, poetry, comedy, rock, and a great deal of filth.*

*Audience members will have to bring their own filth. Badgers will be provided on request

More info:

From 8pm - 11pm (bar til 2am)
Call Lane, Leeds, LS1

Entry £2adv. (including cakey niceness!)