The Eskies
Sea Soaked Gypsy Folk from Dublin
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The Eskies

“From the sinister sway of ‘Eloise’ through to the jaunty ‘Jesus Don’t Save Me’ and the driving ‘Jailhouse Sun’, The Eskies have delivered a fascinating blend of fun-fuelled folk.” – The Independent

  "Abandon preconceptions, pour boundless energy, add buckets of passion, and you have the unrelenting maelstrom of sound that is The Eskies. Imagine music that grabs you by the arm and threatens to drag you onto the dance floor – visualise all that and you’ll be close, only close though.

You need to listen to ‘After The Sherry Went Round’ to realise that its wild miasma is only waiting to pounce while jazz-encircled, gypsy-folk from the dark side of ebullient musicianship soars around your ears with throat-ripping, hard-hitting, belligerent vocals." -