The Launch of the Oporto Dogging Club!
Free Entry

From 5pm 'til late!

Thursday 4th October sees us launch Oporto's new Hotdog bar with style. Ladies and gents, we present...

Sausagefest Poster


A celebration of all things hot and dog with banging tunes, beers and bangers.

As well as the main attraction, lip smacking steamed dogs, we have live music from Marko Crossley, Matt 'snags' Baxter & a newly formed sausage loving super group the "Hound Dogs" alongside Sausage Jockeys spinning fine cuts and lots and lots of those sweet steamed hotdogs!

from 5pm 'til very late.

Free Entry

Also appearing (maybe)...

Pjörk // Amy Swinehouse // Two Dog Cinema Club
Piggy Smalls aka "The Notorious P.I.G." // Kraftwurst // Ladypork
Gwen Salami // Lethal Sizzle // Daft Pork
Hot Chipolata // Fairpork Convention // The Cured
Spam Airey // Link in Pork // Wiener Turner
Porking Heads // (w)Ham // Mumford & Saucissons
Pulled a-Pork by Horses // MSTRDKRFT // Status Quorn
Porkishead // Frank Turner // Saveloy Division
Pork Eyes // Sausage Against the Machine // The Crazy World of Half a Boudin

& uninvited guest Pork McCartney