Roo Panes
Fran Wynburn & Ben Roberts

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Roo Panes + support Fran Wyburn & Ben Roberts.

  • Roo Panes has been able to travel a long way from home with his music. Born in Wimborne, Dorset, a tiny town with a surprisingly rich musical heritage (the birthplace of prog legend Robert Fripp), Roo has come a long way. He springed into success following a campaign with seminal UK clothing brand Burberry, which saw him recording music for the company alongside modelling for the brand. This was the initial surge in popularity he needed to be able to take his show around the UK, building a reputation and wowing fans wherever he went.

    A talented guitar player, Roo showcases his melodic compositions backed by a gentle group of string players and drums. The soft dynamics of his sets make for a hushed crowd who are wowed by the beauty and musical depth of his songs. It’s no surprise that there was modelling involved in Roo Panes’ career as well as he makes for an enigmatic spectacle on stage charming and wooing the audience with both his looks and his vocals. He’s come a long way from Wimborne and, by the looks of things, he’s got many miles left in him yet.