Pistonhead “Skull it” gig
Arrows of Love, DOLLS, beer & more!
8pm - 2am!


Pistonhead & Dead Young Present...

Arrows of Love

"Dark, Dangerous, and Gloriously of 2013's most engaging new bands" - KERRANG! Feb 2013

"These guys may just be the present of rock and roll." - Feb 2013

"Not so much angry rock music as the sound of gallons of pure bile gushing onto cracked pavements. Wonderful." - MUSIC WEEK

"With twitches of guitar, sinister thumping drums, and a bassline that's darker than The Horror's wardrobe, 'Honey' paints AoL as less of a London fivesome and more of a supergroup of villains (the line-up could just as easily read: Darth Vader, the Bogeyman, Mr Burns, Bowser and Jeremy Hunt)." - * * * * * ARTROCKER Single Of The Month

“KINETIC!” - Lauren Laverne BBC6MUSIC

"...fused with a soaring, enviable energy.. When the song finally reaches its sudden end, there is a happiness instilled that this kind of music still exists, coupled with an eagerness to hear it again... Just play it now, and play it loud." - VULTUREHOUND MAG (on Honey)

"An epileptic fit set to music, it’s wild-eyed and feral, raw and unpolished and all the better for it." - MUSIC WEEK

"With clamourous guitars and a frenzy of schizophrenic drumming, accompanied by blinding lights which create an energy so dark they render a state of phantasmagoria" - ARTROCKER Live Review


"Praise be for AoL and their dirty, sleazy, blues grind...sounding sick and twisted in all the best ways, this really is one of the most exciting singles I've heard this year." - NARC (on Honey)

“The sonic attack of At The Drive-In...If one is to delve a little deeper with something of substance, something dignified,you can find the likes of London’s Arrows of Love” - * * * * ROCK FEEDBACK

" Tattered, erratic, and modest, it’s the stuff of classic rock legend." - THE INDEPENDENT

"Impressive.....Punk infused white noise collides with Barrettesque schizophrenia" - DROWNED IN SOUND

"Spellbindingly intense stuff, brilliant. I loved them before the end of the first song" - Steve Harris XFM

"A band for the connoisseur" - DAILY MIRROR

“This single is officially evil.......a full-throttle garage-punk number, barely observing the laws of logic in its mission to derange your mind....” - * * * * ARTROCKER (on Real Friends)