Oddjob presents…
The Incredible Magpie Band, Luna Blind & Harry Zalega

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The Incredible Magpie Band This five piece from Wakefield formed in 2012 and since then they've making a sweet 1960's soaked sound, think guitars, harmonies and melodies and singalong songs. They've been a regular fixture on the live scene, gathering a decent following and a lot of good press in the process. They released the excellent 'Introducing...' album in 2015, described by as, 'it doesn't merely go for the default Beatlemania poses; it also injects a modern indie sensibility into the proceedings, resulting in a record that has its feet firmly planted both in its own time and the past.'. They've supported the The Enemy, the Bluetones, Cast and The Jesus And Mary Chain, now it's time to step up to headline status. Liam Gallagher's a fan, as he tweeted to his huge army of followers, 'Listen up, there's only 1 high flying bird and that's The Incredible Magpie Band...'. Lunablind Lunablind have only been around for a few months but already they're making big waves in their hometown of Leeds and beyond. They describe their sound as gritty, powerful and energetic but fine musicianship and great songs help life them up and above the indie-rock crowd. Certainly, their live performances have started to earn them a loyal following. They've had a busy year, bringing their first EP out in May and they're already working on a follow-up. They also have lots of live performances lined up as they hope to get out on the road for the festival season this summer. The music industry's already taking an interest, catch them now before they make the big step up. Harry Zalega Harry's a Leeds-based singer songwriter and had the honour of being the first performer to appear at an Oddjob Promotions event! The feedback was so good, we're delighted to be working with him again. The first thing you'll notice about Harry is his voice, what a voice! It has a fantastic honey-sweet sound that get right to your soul. Radio Leeds' liked him so much, they kept him on to sing extra tracks after he went in to the studios to perform a live session in May 2016. Lots more appearances around the city have followed. He's also been working on new material, which he's looking forward to trying out on the crowd at Oporto. This lad is definitely one to watch!