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Laura Oakes is a wonderfully talented British Country Music singer from Liverpool, England. Coming from a huge Liverpudlian family, where everyone sings or play an instrument, it was only a matter of time before Laura caught the music bug.

She jokes that her family find communicating by singing in three-part harmony just as natural as talking! Laura started thinking about taking music a little more seriously in her teens. She learned how to play the guitar, started to write songs and after discovering Carrie Underwood and the Dixie Chicks at age 14, it was Country Music that had her heart.

Laura graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2012 with a first degree in Popular Music. After graduating, she began recording her first single 'Don't Let It Hit Ya', which was released in September 2013 and landed in the Top 20 on the iTunes Country Chart. Her second single 'Snakes & Ladders' followed in 2014 with similar success.

In March of 2015, Laura will release her first EP, including three brand new songs along with her two previous singles. Laura is excited to be a part of the UK Country community and cannot wait to see how it will continue to grow in the next year.

Support comes from Fitzwallace and Olivia Naio

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