Knave’s Kitchen 100% Vegan Xmas
Cruelty-free Christmas ft. 3 course menu, cocktails & more!
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We're proud to unveil our first ever 100% Vegan Christmas menu in conjunction with Vegan pop-up Knave's Kitchen! Served every day from the 1st of December and featuring new signature dishes like ‘Christmas Wurst and Parsnip Bacon Bun’ as well as ‘Boozy Shallots, Root Hash and Lambs Lettuce Truffle Crunch’, ‘Peruvian Jack Fruit Ceviche, Corn Croquettes, Sweet Pepper Aji’ and ‘Yorkshire Seitan and Wild Mushroom Wellington, Rosemary Roasties, Mulled Cabbage, Buttered Greens and PROPER Gravy’ alongside lots of other tasty options you can see on our site. Oporto_October_GH-16 After a year where veganism and plant-based cooking has truly crossed over, all at Knave's Kitchen are excited to celebrate the end of 2018 with more of the same delicious, cruelty & guilt-free, exciting food... Don't just take our work for it, here's head chef Sam Thomas' take “All the tinsel, trees and brandy-soaked puddings in the world couldn't come close to getting me as excited for the festive season as this menu. It's got it all: spicy deep seasonal punch, delicious nutritious wild ingredients and enough cheesy crass pomp to fill a French fromagerie four times over. At the same time as being Yorkshire as f*ck and holding true to the real Knave's Kitchen Junk Food vibes” Oporto_October_GH-39 We will be serving Xmas dishes as specials throughout December but for larger groups & the full 3 course feast booking is essential, get your mates / office / family together for a fun & festive feast! As an added incentive we'll be giving a complimentary £25 voucher to the lead booker of ALL parties of 8 or more, to use to dine for free with us during Veganuary, whoop! Drinks packages of vegan cocktails, bubbly, wine & beer are also available upon request from the ace staff of Oporto. Full menu here: // #noturkeyswereharmedinthemakingofthisturkey // Booking essential for 4 or more: - 0113 245 4444 - £10 deposit per person dining.