Klaus Johann Grobe
Galaxians & Get Machine, Destroy!

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Swiss duo, Klaus Johann Grobe, play a kind of danceable Krautrock informed by early '80's New York punk funk pioneers such as ESG.
Driven by an organic yet metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals and a monstrous funky bass, this is seriously bum waggling electro-freak goodness. The music does seem to aim towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particularly as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.

This band are certainly aiming towards the more dance-orientated arena of Kraut music, aligning the metro pulse of Klaus Dinger and Kraftwerk's calculators to more biological factors - kind of like moss growing on the mainframe.

The duo played selected UK dates in early 2013 in support of their vinyl only album release that gained a great Shindig review, Louder than War artist of the day and Norman Records Single of the Week.

Klaus Johann Grobe will return in September 2013 with a single release to coincide with their UK tour and appearance at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

Support comes from Leeds' finest...

Galaxians fuse classic Roland TR analog drum machine sounds with acoustic drums and synthesizers played live, always placing the soulful unpredictability of the human hand and heart at the forefront of their live shows.
Their debut vinyl release - a 12" split with fellow Leeds dance act Runners on new dance label Stargaze - sold out within two months of its October 2012 release, gaining praise from US dance labels Dither Down (NY) and Rotating Souls (Atlanta), and NY DJ Lloydski (Dither Down). Taking their cues from early 80s NY labels such as SAM, Are 'n' Bee, Sleeping Bag and post-disco producers such as Leroy Burgess.


Get Machine, Destroy!
Get Machine, Destroy! is Adam Taylor, a Leeds-based industrial party machine who draws influence from all corners of electronic music, particularly early hip-hop, eight bit and wub-wub-wubstep. Depending on your perception, Get Machine, Destroy! is either a one man electronica outfit or a robotic seven-piece orchestra with a human conductor, this show sees him expand that line up further with the promise of live drums and more.

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