John Joseph Brill
FFO: Leonard Cohen, Laura Marling & Bear's Den

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Futuresound Events Present John Joseph Brill Oporto Wednesday 8th November Tickets on sale Monday 24th June from: fans of Leonard Cohen | Laura Marling | Bear's Den Listen on Spotify: & Apple Music: Having spent his early 20’s fronting London based heavy rock outfit Burning Beard, John Joseph Brill established himself as a mainstay of the West London music scene. The same musical community that bred The Staves, Laura Marling and Bear’s Den heavily influenced Brill to explore a more confessional, honest form of songwriting and in 2013 he left his former band and the capital and moved to Liverpool. There he honed his craft as a solo artist, immersed in the oeuvre of Leonard Cohen, Jason Molina and Neil Young he began writing and performing, in his unique baritone style, songs about everything from heartbreak to death and friendship. Tickets from Lunatickets, SEE Tickets, Crash Records & Jumbo Records