Holy Moly and the Crackersss
Issimo & Mr Dave Hick

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Holy Moly and the Crackersss
Holy Moly & the Crackers are a “gypsy folk and roll” band from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Having toured the UK and beyond, they are making a huge impact on both the national and international circuits with their energetic and anarchic live show - Expect reeling fiddles, pounding accordions and foot-stomping madness. They are influenced by an eclectic range of styles and artists; the honest grit and gravel of Woody Guthrie, the gypsy bone-cage burlesque of Gogol Bordello, the spectral clarity of Ane Brun: They play a lively mix of Romani, Americana and contemporary British folk-rock.

Issimo Music
Issimo are a unique band that bring a huge show in everything the do, from the screaming trumpets to their comic book-esque characters they become on stage. Their tunes are not the kind of tunes you need to be familiar with to enjoy straight away. If there's one thing ISSIMO's tunes have in common it's that they groove hard, and their audiences invariably groove along with them. ISSIMO will turn any stage into a funky carnival.

Dave Hick - Been singing the blues ever since the world began

Oporto, Call Lane, Leeds
8pm - Sunday 12th July