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Ultraviolet Animals album launch party

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Friday night special for our boys Happy Daggers... Happy Daggers (live) + special guests (live) + DJ Sam Airey 'til 4am! 7.30pm 'til late - 7/6/19 Oporto, Call Lane, Leeds £7 adv. via:  In recent months, Happy Daggers have been tucked away working feverishly on their forthcoming debut album, Ultraviolet Animals. Snippets from their making of documentary (Behind the Groove), give a brief insight into just how expansive the project has been for the Leeds based band – sprawling over several studios and featuring some amazing additional local talent, alongside Happy Daggers themselves. The result of this focused creative period is a 10 track LP, which will be released in June. First though, the band is keen to break their hiatus with a single release – and they’re really excited about this one. Hold it Down is a razor sharp neo-funkpop smash, bursting with live horns, a heavy rhythm section, choral calls to action, and sprinkles of electronica - all tied up in a 3 minute bow, perfect for airplay. It has clearly been the plan for some time to get this track released, as the lead track from the LP. Jon (the band’s bassist and master of ceremonies) commented that: ‘we’ve had this feeling for a long time that it could be a stand-out track on the album, right from the point of putting it together in the rehearsal space. But, as so many other songs emerged as contenders in the production process, we’re really pleased Hold It Down still stands up as a first single. It does also mean we can’t wait to release the whole album too.’ This speaks to the emerging confidence the band is developing as recording artists. With each release Happy Daggers are more comfortable being as creative in the studio as they are in live performances. In previous interviews, it has been noted that this development has greatly been aided by the collaboration with producer Ed Heaton. Frontman Sinclair noted: ‘It can be hard at times to really transfer that sound you have in your imagination onto a recording. We spent some time learning what works best for us, in the studio. But, working with Ed was like the last piece of the puzzle. Tracks like Need Your Love really pushed things forward for us. We wanted to be able to be flexible, as our sound has so many influences and different voices included, and as a producer he really helps to facilitate that. It’s just got so much easier to break the rule-book with some of the ideas we have now.’ This desire to be fluid in sound is definitely present in this new release, as Hold It Down is both riddled with a tangible sense of nostalgia but also displays some of the more contemporary feel laced throughout the forthcoming Ultraviolet Animals LP.