Gaslight Club: JAILL (Sub Pop)
Just Handshakes (We're British) & more
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A special Gaslight Club welcoming a superb bunch from the US who dwell in the stable of awesomeness that is SUBPOP records...


Jaill is a lot like other bands; they've slept on your floor, you've made fun of their pillow cases, they're not nearly as good at Excitebike (?!?) as they said they were and although they all say they're cool with cats, no one’s excited about sleeping at the cat house. So it should come as no surprise that, as bands sometimes do, they’ve made a new record. And that record is Traps, their second for Sub Pop, but first to adopt the bold new marketing strategy of giving away a free pair of Nike cross-trainers to anyone who steals it on the internet. Take that, Radiohead. So, but, what is Traps? Traps is pretty, it’s moody, it pops. It has the scrappy, vengeful enthusiasm of a puppy stuck under a blanket. It’s an adorably grumpy bear just awoken from his long winter’s slumber, with a mangy heart rarely found outside of the stuffed animal bin of a Salvation Army. It’s an album that expects to be taken seriously goddammit, even though it just puked on the bar.

Traps is also, and confidently, a Jaill record. It’s an acerbic exercise in both humility and aggression. Lyrically and melodically it portrays the malfunctioning universe inside a home, taking into account the myriad ways in which relationships and responsibilities can destroy a person’s mind. “Gave myself a good grade on barely losing my shit,” sings Vinnie Kircher on “While You Reload.”

Just Handshakes (We're British)
In their own words: "We are Clara, Michael, Edward and Jim. We live in Leeds and play indie pop music. We've been lucky enough to support the Mystery Jets, Pete and the Pirates, Shout Out Louds and Still Corners. We have also performed a live session for Marc Riley and received airplay from Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson. We have just finished recording our debut album which will be out soon!"

+ Angie Shaw & host Gary Stewart...

8.30pm - 11pm

Oporto, Call Lane, Leeds

FREE ENTRY as always!