The Silver Reserve & Rachael Jean Harris

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To celebrate the launch of our second single 'Ironclad' we're having a big old party down at Oporto. Join us and our special guests and help us have a #goodtime Tickets for £5 otd/£4 adv ********************************************************* 'Dilettante' is an art-rock collective led by multi-instrumentalist Francesca Pidgeon and is based in Northern England. It was born out of a fear of committing to a single line up, and is Francesca’s rebound project after a long-term relationship with indie-jazz four piece ‘Kumiko’. 'It is a riot of swing, jazz, and indie, a jamboree of brass, riffs, and cymbals. Bish bosh drums, loud and proud horns, and low-lying, furtive basslines meld with tinkling ivories, and a melee of squiggles to serve up what has to be the most unique of the numbers on this week’s playlist. The trio hail from the North and cite St. Vincent and David Byrne amongst their musical influence. The latter’s influence can be clearly heard in the idiosyncratic, left-of-centre grooves of this not so romantic tale, in which revenge is a song best-served triumphant. This is their first single and for it to strike FOTN gold says a lot about the impact the newly formed Dilettante made on this week’s listenership.' - Fresh On The Net 'Pidgeon flits between saxophone, clarinet, guitar and piano to give her gorgeous compositions more texture, with her songs treading the line between the confessional and the obtuse with great aplomb. Reminiscent of Actor-era St Vincent at it’s very best, Dilettante’s soulful, articulate songwriting warms the hearts of those gathered.' - NARC Magazine ********************************************************* The Silver Reserve Matthew Sturgess, who performs as 'The Silver Reserve', plays delicate, sparse music on a classical guitar with songs about out-of-body experiences, monogamy, small-town community Facebook pages and much more. Backed by his band they create dense, layered atmospherics around the tender songs at their core. It's music that doesn't rush and takes its sweet, sad time to unfurl and sneak under the skin. ********************************************************* Rachael Jean Harris Music Liverpool-born Rachael Jean Harris has devoted her life to the writing of songs. Recently, the vast majority have fallen into rich themes surrounding the lives of people on the raw edges of existence. Each lasting several years, these themes become areas for detailed thought, study and research, sparked by real stories, resulting in evocative and poignant tales. Following the acoustic sounds of Just Like He Said (2007), her more electric, grungy, 2013 release, Dig, focused on women and children in conflict zones, suffering in lesser reported corners of our world. Taking real events and accounts and extrapolating these into fully formed narratives, she attempts to place the listener inside the situation and present them face to face with the danger, freedom, longing and defiance that her protagonists experience. ​ Her current focus is on those living in confinement, in particular the day to day realities of Death Row inmates in the USA with whom she corresponds. Of interest to her are the complexities of human dignity, longing, memory and the power and potential of mercy. ​ In addition to the correspondence with inmates, her research has been enriched by a variety of literary references including: The House of the Dead (Fyodor Dostoevsky), Falconer (John Cheever), Poems from Prison (Etheridge Knight), Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson), The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander), and American Notes (Charles Dickens). ​ Musically, her key strength is to allow the story and melody to inform and dictate the flow and direction of her songs, allowing her to incorporate more complex harmony, rhythm and song-structure than is typically found in the singer-songwriter tradition in a way that feels natural and appropriate. This considered approach results in each song having a unique flavour, and defined personality. Musical influences are predictably numerous but she credits those who have inspired her most as PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Mahalia Jackson and the composers and songwriters of the Great American Songbook. The EP Leaving Light is out now.